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点胶机 螺丝机 焊锡机 非标设备
dispensing machine screw machine soldering machine nonstandard equipment
点胶阀 点胶控制器 螺丝机配件 烟雾净化器
dispensing valve dispensing controller screw machine part smoke purifier



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杯子点胶 点黄胶 键盘点胶 人体称点胶
dispense for cup dispense yellow glue dispense for keyboard dispense for body scale
收音机锁螺丝 手机锁螺丝 鼠标锁螺丝 音响锁螺丝
screw locking for radio screw locking for mobile screw locking for mouse screw locking for speaker



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  Dongguan Engstar Automation Co., Ltd. adheres to scientific and technological innovation, market demand-oriented development; service quality and product quality as the fundamental; the introduction of advanced technology from foreign counterparts to digest and absorb, active innovation, and constantly strengthen the development capacity of independent products. Engstarfa will take customer satisfaction as a starting point, strive to improve, and continue to strive to provide users with high-quality products and services.

Engstarfa is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacturing and sales of automation equipment. Products include: dispensing machine, soldering machine, screw machine, dispensing valve, dispensing controller, dispensing accessories, smoke purifier, and non-standard automation equipment designed and developed for customer needs.



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